Trends in the sphere of mobile marketing and advertisement


The leadership in this sphere passed from the companies dealing only with mobile technologies to Facebook and Google. The launch and the incredible success of mobile advertisement in Facebook were unprecedented. This was the most significant event in mobile advertisement which redid the entire mobile world.

To predict the future in the constantly changing world is difficult. Nevertheless, TapSense gave the accent to the most important trends and innovations which marketers will face next year. This should help in the planning of mobile campaigns.

Mobile RTB will rank 45% of all the purchases of mobile advertisement

Mobile Real Time Bidding became a mainstream due to the fact that Twitter bought MoPub which is the leader in the sphere of mobile RTB technologies. In AdExchanger survey, the percentage of mobile RTB will be 30% at the end of the year. We expect that this trend will continue to develop and the percentage of all the mobile purchases will rank 45%.

RTB didn’t become popular at once. At first this trend appeared in the sphere of advertisement for personal computers and supposed to be a good variant for buyers and much higher CPM for producers. However, buyers of the advertisement for desktops were adapting slowly to the novelty that why the results became mixed. This tendency in the mobile sphere was developing quickly because buyers considered this model to be a success.

Today, the supplies of advertisement for personal computers and notebooks are decreasing to 14% per year and the users enter into mobile advertisement faster than before and due to this fact, marketers should adapt their digital strategies.

Consolidation in the frames of advertising network

In 2013 Millennial Media bought Jumptap and this event became a defining moment for advertising networks. The explosion of the popularity of mobile applications after Google had bought Admob in 2009 for 750 million dollars came to the end.

The spreading of different options available for buyers denounces great consolidation. Small niche players continue to build their business independently.

E-mail will become a paramount advertising channel in mobile sphere

More than a half of all the letters today are looked through via mobile devices. We think that they will become the main advertising channel in mobile sphere and they won’t be so popular for personal computers. The amount of letters that are looked through via phones and tablets is continuing to increase but the decrease in sales for desktops will only intensify this tendency.

Some marketers make experiments with adaptive design for small screens of mobile devices. There is going to be a big shift in the email marketing and the optimization of mobile advertisement will become of a top-priority. Due to the high ranks of mobile email it is assumed that the reading of email using PCs will fade into insignificance.

New formats of mobile advertisement will arise, including 5 seconds videos

Facebook stream advertisement is one of the examples of new formats of mobile advertisement which arise in the developing industry. Another example is promotwits in Twitter. Pinterest is considered to have its own format which will be cheerfully accepted by marketers.

As far as banner display advertisement is concerned the growth of multimedia won’t be prominent. The expenditures are high but the effectiveness is questionable. Such advertisement can hardly attract marketers who are in the small niche of specialized brands.

However, the formats of mobile video are ready for innovations. The days when we could make little changes to a standard 30 seconds video to increase sales a bit have passed. And the popularity of 5 and 10 seconds videos will increase.

The price of making advertising videos is decreasing due to the development of technologies. The instruments for creating a high quality video present today in every notebook, and the majority of smartphones have the ability of playing HD videos which makes even small marketing unit a big TV studio. And the widespread Wi-Fi access in offices means that the advertisers have the opportunity to provide the users with their mobile advertising video.

Twitter advertisement will spread on exterior users of social media

According to comScore 90% of the time spent in Twitter people used mobile devices. Nowadays only a few clients of social media support Twitter advertisement formats such as promoaccounts, promotwits and promotrends (hashtags).

Among the applications of Twitter clients the advertisement is supported by Echofone, Hootsuite, Twitterrific, Plume and Twitter official client. Some of these applications have paid versions allowing users not to see advertisement. However the following Twitter clients do not contain advertisement at all: Twitterific (version for desktops), Hootie, Tweet Lines, Twidere and Tweetbot.

After SEC documents confirmed that the company hadn’t generated profit the social media concentrated on benefit. The decision to widen the advertisement platform was taken. We have already seen how Twitter bought Tweet Deck and shifted all the users to the official application. But the social media can’t buy all the existing clients. The company will cooperate with the clients on increasing the coverage by the advertising platform.

The advertisement in Twitter clients is very important for the success of the company. Its approach leans on natural integration of the advertisement into the content. This experience is quite positive for users and such approach will let the company to develop its advertisement partnership with other clients.

FBX from Facebook will enter the mobile sphere and become dominative there

Talking about Facebook profit according to Facebook Exchange (FBX) Sheryl Sandberg said: FBX is only a small part of our business. However it is changing very fast. Analytics from J.P. Morgan claim that the benefit from the advertisement will rank 60% of all the Facebook benefit. It will happen only if Facebook will integrate FBX in its mobile application.

Facebook content for mobile devices and personal computers let to display different advertisement for users. The settings of Facebook Ads for mobile devices and more targeted advertisement FBX for desktops can be simply changed. Facebook Ads shows advertisement based on likes from friends and other possibilities of targeting; so the advertisement for desktops is more relevant and includes retargeting advertisement from the companies which the user had already interacted.

We know that user will interact with the content which resonates with him and taking into account the fact that we know about the development and growth of mobile applications popularity and spends on mobile advertisement we can forecast that FBX will enter the mobile sphere. And as the users will prefer mobile devices we believe that the profit from FBX will increase.

According to prognoses all the marketers will invest to mobile advertisement and there will be those people who haven’t accepted mobile marketing still ( for example small companies and B2B marketers).

Marketing technologies at last correspond with the popularity of mobile devices and marketers will get prominent ROI from mobile marketing.