Apps Monetizing with Ads

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An app developer can make money from his/her app by adopting the simplest and consistent ways known as an advertisement. An app developer aim is to use services such as banner apps, full-screen opening ads and layered ad barrages to make reasonable and steady earnings from an app that was initially free to download.

Traffic is the first thing that ads need to make money from. It is clear that when there is nobody on your app, there won’t be anyone to click the ads. When an app attracts low traffic, this tends to make earnings be negligible through ads, once the user base of the app is large, there will be constant traffic, and the possibility of making dozens of dollars each day is realized more especially when you use astonishing pop-up ads. They are profitable, frustrating and therefore worth considering.

If you want to make money using ads, you may like to invest on ads at the start. You can put your own ads on other apps by these same services or the link on your other apps. Your traffic is increased by doing this; therefore, the theoretical yield is also increased. Your apps should also be linked together into series of apps or some sort of app-universe, making the user of your app may also like to check out the app that is yours, this whole process is called inter-app traffic matrix. Your overall monetary output is increased and your overall input is also decreased. Therefore, many apps in the same situation can recycle source code easily; starting from scratch is what you won’t do, maintain the positioning of new spins on things and see the flow of traffic and shifts between apps, therefore it is possible to make money off from the same user many times.

IAds and Admob are the major ad network for Apple and Google respectively for mobile apps, therefore, you can have the desire to choose one of these for your iOS/Android instead of any minor provider of an ad. To be tried and tested, they are preferable and viable options. With a greater CPC (cost per click) it is believed that the most profitable one between the two is iAds. In other to bring in large and regular profit all multiple apps should be hooked to these ad networks.

Don’t get discouraged in the end if you are not making money than you expected. People are usually disappointed even when there is good traffic because they only make a single dollar. Try as much as possible to see this single dollar as an encouragement, a motivation you should capitalize on as a doorway by applying techniques that are new and also effective to increase a single dollar into a hundred of dollars. Build a high-quality app and then mix apps that are similar out even as you are using its source code as a template, hook them to your favored provider of an ad before monetizing them. Get a few ads of you own thrown out, invest on them to get more money. Sooner than later, dollars will start piling up and also fortunes will be made as a result of consistent profit, provided that a good start is made by you.