Can You Make Money Off A Free App?

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In the mobile market today most mobile apps generate stable revenue from being offered as paid options. On the other hand, there are free apps which can also be profitable, but many people simply do not do not realize it. For such reason, juxtaposition is created between the two, often creating confusion for app makers and mobile device users alike. For those offering their app as a free market option, it is possible to make revenue and become profitable, you just simply have to know how to do so. To better illustrate, here are a couple ways to prove that you can make revenue and profits while offering a free mobile app.

Yes You Can

It is easy to say that it is possible to make money off of a free mobile app, however, profitability to generally a whole other concept. Furthermore, it is actually quite common for a mobile app to make money (revenue), but still not be profitable. Yes, making money is different than making profits. In other words, just because your app makes revenue does not necessarily mean that it will produce a profit. This means that not only should you make a distinction between the two, but you should also do everything possible to create profit potential for your mobile app. More specifically, you can do things like reduce expenses and increase the ads featured on your app in order to generate more revenue.

Mobile Ad Revenue

Speaking of mobile ad revenue, pursuing such an avenue can be a lucrative endeavor. More so, it provides the opportunity to create revenue for your mobile app. Eventually, this can turn into a substantial profit, however due to the infancy of mobile ad revenue, much remains uncertain to this regard. While the concept continues to develop, in the meantime, you should still pursue mobile ad revenue, but perhaps maybe not with all of your company’s weight. In other words, do not rely solely on mobile ad revenue to produce a profit for your app, but it is a good place to start and there is definitely potential to be found.


E-commerce is perhaps the best way to make revenue and profit from your mobile app without offering it as a paid market offering. As of right now it is a more reliable option than mobile ad revenue, and has the potential to offer steady revenue. This is definitely something to consider if you are looking to offer your mobile app as a free option with a need to create revenue. With that said, e-commerce is obviously dependent on your company’s ability to sell its products, which should also be considered when aiming your mobile app at profitability.


It is more than possible to offer a free mobile app that also produces substantial revenue and profits.  It may not be easy, but through the use of mobile ads, as well as e-commerce, you have the potential to create a successful mobile market offering that is both useful to users and profitable for your company. For those that wish not to charge the users of their mobile apps, the two aforementioned methods of generating revenue are your best bets. What’s more, simultaneously, you should be concerned about reducing your app’s expenses, at least until you have figured out a successful formula for profitability.