Choosing the Best Features for Your Mobile Application

Mobile Application feature

Our platform comes with many different features. Thereby you can select the ones you want for your own mobile application and customize the items displayed with buttons, styles and colors to create a fully branded experience.

Mobile Application Features

Engaging Multimedia

You can combine video, music. Moreover podcast features enable users to listen on the go, even if they navigate outside the app.

Analytics of an App.

You can get your users engaged and to get their activities viewed, as how many people download your app, track money spent on item and on food orders.

Ordering of food

By the means of ordering native food features, there is a direct return on investment seen from restaurants since the power of placing an order is in the hands of customers.

Push Notifications

You can send rich notifications to Android and iOS users with features of Geo-fencing and push notifications. Moreover the right customers can be targeted by you anywhere at any time you want.

Mobile Shopping Cart

Create your own marketplace by purchasing on the palm of your hand or organize your store online with easy sales solution.

  • Integration of payment with PayPal and to checkout.
  • Customize item photos & descriptions.
  • Tax rates and delivery fees should be set.
  • In details, manage your orders.
  • Accept payment in-app

Dynamic Content

  • Update with effortlessness
  • Contact information
  • Mobile reservations
  • Real estate feature
  • Custom appearance

Zigmos is the best choice to create a quality mobile application to build your business and generate more sales. Moreover having your own mobile application allows you to shorten the distance between you and your customers. No Coding Required.