How Much Money an Android App Makes

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Every app-maker has a goal for their app. In most cases, the goal is to make money. If making money is your goal, then you need to be aware of the factors that affect whether or not an app makes money.

1. App Quality – This almost goes without saying. When all other factors are equal, good quality apps perform better than poor quality apps. Poor quality apps may make money initially, but it is only a matter of time before a better quality version is produced by a competitor.

2. Price Point – If you’re charging for your app, then it’s crucial to hit a ‘sweet spot’ for your price point. Make the app too cheap, and you’re not making any money for it. Make it too expensive, and no one will buy it. It might be true that you only have to sell one copy if you price it at a million dollars, but unless your app is a recipe for producing gold from lead and it actually works, you’re not going to get that one buyer. On the other hand, most people who are willing to pay anything are willing to pay more than 99 cents, so you won’t lose many customers by pricing the app at $1.50. This is definitely a factor you’ll need to experiment with.

3. Monetization Strategy – If you’re giving away the app, you’ll need to look at a different way to monetize. There are a number of strategies, and you may need to experiment to see which one is best suited towards your particular type of app.

4. Monetization Program – For some apps, AdMob is the best solution, while for others, Inneractive or Leadbolt can be a good solution. Still others will do best with a pay-per-call model.

5. Publicity and Advertising – No one downloads an app that they don’t know exists. Make a Facebook page, Tweet about your app, blog about it, ask for reviews of the app, and even use paid ads to get the word out.
Sometimes, even a great app with good publicity doesn’t make it big. Try to get as much money as possible from every app, but remember that Angry Birds wasn’t Rovio’s first attempt, or even fifty-first. To make big money from an app, you’ll have to produce app after app, seeking out the proper niche, and then find the best way to make money from it.