How to maximize the effect of mobile advertisement?

In spite of the fact that mobile advertisement is pretty effective, this tendency is decreasing because of disappearance such factor as novelty. Moreover, mobile advertisement can bother people more than any other advertisement.

In order to realize the advantages which mobile segment has advertisers have to concentrate on the audience engagement and the relevance of advertisement with the respect to private space and the ability to give to people such award which they consider valuable and essential.

Mobile advertisement still is a new phenomenon, but as smartphones became very popular advertisers pay attention to the potential of such segment. A lot of people check their profiles in social media everyday (or even more frequently) and smartphones can make this process more personal. All this appears to be a great opportunity for mobile advertisers, but there are pitfalls which should be avoided.

How much is mobile advertisement effective?

The analysis of more than 450 mobile advertisements including banners, video and applications from Market Norms base, held by Millward Brown company shows that mobile advertisement is effective. As a rule it gives much higher data by such criteria as brand awareness, advertisement awareness, message association, attractiveness and purchase intent, than online advertisement.


Online (2.012 campaigns, 2.324.781 respondents)

Mobile: Mobile – only (320 campaigns, 221.548 respondents)

Discrepancy: those who watched – the control group

Such result is connected with several factors: the novelty of mobile advertisement, the fact that mobile advertisement takes bigger segment than online advertisement, and also the fact of much concentrated attention because of the screen size limitation and technology.

Nevertheless, the achievements of mobile advertisement are decreasing. As in the case of other digital technologies, the novelty passes and the effectiveness of the advertisement decreases.

The factor of novelty passes:

The figures of mobile advertisement show the decreasing tendency

The source:Millward Brown, Adindex Norms data base for mobile advertisement from 4th quarter of 2012

Base: 2008 (22 campaigns), 2009 (39 campaigns), 2010 (65 campaigns), 2011 (68), 2012 (117)

Discrepancy: those who watched – the control group

As the gap between mobile and internet advertisement decreases the advancement of mobile creativeness becomes more and more important. The materials from the Millward Brown data base show that the best cases of mobile advertisement can increase brand awareness up to 17%, brand attractiveness up to 14% and purchase intent up to 18%. And on the contrary the most ineffective advertisement cases can influence the brand negatively.

The source:Millward Brown, Adindex Norms data base for mobile advertisement from 4th quarter of 2012

Base: Mobile – (117 campaigns), (64.722 respondents)

Discrepancy: those who watched – the control group

What does make mobile advertisement attractive for customers?

The relation to mobile advertisement is much less positive than to other media; the study AdReaction 2012 held by Millward Brown which covers 18 countries shows that relation to mobile advertisement would be hardly ever more positive then to the advertisement via email (e.g. spam). The situation can improve according to the development of mobile advertisement awareness. But as a lot of people are not familiar with mobile advertisement, and because such platform offers its unique range of opportunities, advertisers and agencies should stop and think before launching its online campaigns in mobile segment.

The relation to mobile advertisement is much less positive than to other channels

How would you characterize your relation to advertisement?

The source: Millward Brown

Nevertheless, despite the fact that the relation to the most formats of advertisement is on the whole negative, messages in the newsfeeds of social media are understood more positively in the comparison with others.

Apart from messages in newsfeeds in the perception of other formats there is no difference.

It can be seen from the table that the data is different. On the whole, people are interested in receiving mobile advertisement which concerns services and offers provided by online shops, papers, magazines and local restaurants, more than advertisement of drinks producers or auto companies. Nevertheless, this problem can be solved with relevant targeting.

Mobile users want to receive the content of many categories 

Which advertisement would you like to see on the screens of your mobile devices?

Factors, conducing successful mobile campaign

With the help of data base analysis and the results of surveys, Millward Brown has defined the factors conducing the success of mobile advertisement. Nevertheless, these elements can’t guarantee the success and they can be changed if there are serious creative arguments. Moreover, there should be more factors to succeed.


The necessity of engagement in communication is one of the key factors, which comes from the estimates of the most successful cases of mobile advertisement. If users like the advertisement and are engaged in it through humor or if they have an opportunity to define the further development, then such advertisement has more chances to succeed.


One of the key factors of mobile advertisement is the opportunity to adapt the message to the concrete time and place where the contact with the customer happens. The advertisers can use this opportunity in several ways according to their product category and circumstances. Time and place often has the crucial importance in the situations when people search for restaurants. If you represent the company which offers credit cards then knowing that your clients are in the shopping mall or car center you can adapt your message in a right way.

One more way of relevance guarantee is context targeting. One of the demonstrative examples is a mobile site of a fashionable magazine, where the readers can see the advertisement on the double page spread.

Respect showing

It is very important to show your respect according with such relation to mobile advertisement. Do not interrupt people. Wait for a natural pause before offering your message. People are ready to distract their attention from something only for a while so the 30 sec advertisement won’t be considered positively. Think over the relations that you are going to build. Avoid different tricks which can make the audience discontent. Avoid complicated processes which can take a lot of time or discharge the accumulator. Finally, show how the user can close the advertisement.


As a rule, the results of the advertisement are better when there are coupons, games or other premium content in it. 5 advertisement campaigns which Millward Brown analyzed for loyalty network of mobile advertisement Session M turned out to be more effective than other mobile advertisement.

In the AdReaction 2012 survey people told that they like mobile advertisement where they are offered coupons, instruments and interesting information, such as receipts and the results of the sport competitions. The access to exclusive content or free games caused little interest. It can be seen that mobile audience expects to get something really valuable in exchange for its attention and engagement.

Creative factors

Millward Brown analysis of mobile advertisement shows that several creative factors should be taken into account:

  • The intelligibility and understanding of the image has vital meaning: analyze the interplay of the text and background. To read the text on the dark background is always more difficult.
  • Consider the using of 1 bright colour, for example to the phrase which presses to act
  • The message should be laconic and short
  • Analyze the balance of text and images
  • Branding should be permanent. Brand logo should be placed in the corner of every page of mobile advertisement. Perhaps, users won’t see all the pages of your advertisement, so they won’t be able to see your brand if it’s shown only at one page.

Branded applications as a means of marketing

Mobile applications give the opportunity to embrace the audience, offering to people the things they want. Good applications are those which are free and fast working and easy to download. They are operating correctly on all the versions of software, they have understandable description and people enjoy them more than websites.

Moreover, they have to suggest something valuable. However, they are a lot of options that are included in such term. One branded application of drinks offered the reward for a winning in a racing game. People liked this application because it was a nice way to fill in time. One more example: toilet paper brand launched an application named “Where is a toilet?” which was considered as fun and useful.

It is also makes sense to use the applications that already exist: today several advertising messages encourage people to use the popular application Shazam which not only define the music but also load the page of the advertiser.

While the advertisement on the mobile devices stays a new phenomenon for advertisers and users, it is clear that it gives a range of unique advantages and can be a part of important marketing program.