Mobile App Advertising

mobile apps advertising

Mobile App advertising is a growing trend and while more and more businesses offer quality Apps to their clients, the need to advertise through this medium will increase and become more commonplace.

According to Our Mobile Planet which is powered by Google, the percentage of people who have noticed advertising on Apps that they have is around 40%. For a new industry this is a very high percentage and as online marketing took to websites, so will it show itself in Apps in a variety of ways within the next decade.

Many cost effective App building companies include their own branding as a form of marketing themselves and also generating an additional income by offering the service to take their branding off the App at a cost. While it is understandable that these businesses need to promote themselves in order to keep their costs down, one of the main reasons that people are still enjoying Apps to the degree that they are is because they are – for the most part – advertisement free.

Turning Apps into Personal Information Directories

People don´t like to be bombarded with information they haven´t requested and downloading Apps to their devices is one of the ways that the general public have shown their desire to stop the advertising onslaught. People are building their own directory of important products and services through their App downloads and reducing the advertising means that they have access to only the information they want.

The interactive features that are also included in the Apps make them ideal for push advertising, but quality developer are choosing to use these functions for their customers convenience rather than for attracting advertising income.

How to Use Your App for Mobile App Advertising

A combination of features which are commonly available in local marketing Apps when used together can create a buzz for your business. Push notifications are free to use and when used in conjunction with promotional GPS and QR codes along with interactive features such as email photos, recordings and posting on the internal fan wall, your marketing efforts are compounded by involving your customers in a fun and rewarding marketing campaign.

Turning your customers into the stars of your marketing campaigns means that you know the word will get out through the one touch viral marketing features of “Tell a Friend”. The individual features that you can include in your App will not only work to create a better experience, but when using them together, the benefit is felt both by the customer and by the business.