Mobile App For Your Offline Business

Consider A Mobile App For Your Offline Business

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Did you know that you customers are online 24/7 and they are driving, walking, biking, sleeping with the internet, apps, games, music, pdf files, emails and text messages. Shoot even some mobile users are using video share features to communicate with their friends while on the go or even in their homes. How does this pertain to the small business or even large business owners who operate an offline business? Imagine for a minute that you had permission directly from your customer to promote and push messages to them for your products or services whenever you wanted? With the open rate mobile messages at 97% your chances of income and sales increase greatly.

Mobile Apps For Small Businesses – Do You Fit In Any Of These Categories?

Well if you fit into these categories then you will want to listen up:





Spa Places

Golf Courses



Coffee Shops

Towing Companies

Car Dealerships

And Many More….

Now if you fit in any of the categories above then having a mobile app is highly recommended simply because your competition is low, your customers will tend to come in more often and you can measure everything from the time the app is created to the time a transaction occurs.

Mobile Apps For Offline Businesses – Some of the Benefits Include:

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Push Promotions on your Drinks, Specials, Discounts, Lunch Specials, Company Updates, Food Specials, Happy Hour, Menu Updates

GPS Features – Give Customers Turn By Turn Directions

Form Contacts– If you run a restaurant that offers take out or delivery, you can have your customers download your app, go to the menu, click the order tab and fill in what they want, send it to you and your company cooks the food and emails them back that you’ve received their order and that it will be ready in however long it takes to have it ready and then have them come in and pay you. This means the world to businesses that have to take phone orders as it can take time which takes up resources and productivity. Eliminating these time wasters, you’ll be able to receive your orders in your email inbox which you can have set up to your phone to alert you of any new order messages.

Image Gallery Show off your establishment to locals and entertain and encourage them to come in and enjoy their time at your business.

Videos– Having a welcome video or a tour of your business helps you stand out from the crowd of competitors that simply have websites.

Email Messaging with Push Messages, you can have your customer sign up for your promotions and updates in exchange for a first time customer discount. This will help when you want to send them text messages instead of a push message. This is our back up system in case customers forget to click the say “Yes” to Push Messages also known as Push Notifications. When the App is opened up by subscribers.

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The one thing that we have realized about having mobile apps for offline businesses is being able to save time and still market while still being cost-effective. The true costs that are reoccurring with mobile apps is hosting fees per month, maintenance if you need menu updates, messaging maintenance if you want to push messages per week or per day and app design and development changes and app marketing services if your company is shooting for massive branding and sales whether local or national.