Mobile Marketing App Features


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Mobile marketing is one of the fastest growing marketing arenas and the understanding the various mobile marketing App features will ensure that you find the right marketing App design for your type of business.

There are a wide range of features that are included in local business app development that will not only increase your foot traffic, but will also increase the amount of website traffic you achieve and can facilitate your social media marketing too.

Instant Contact

The most common features included in all applications is the one touch contact features that are integrated into the mobile device. Now you can one touch call, email instantly and even find turn by turn directions to the company or business location making use of the built-in GPS system.

Viral Marketing

Clients who make use of the Tell a Friend feature may experience viral marketing at its best with happy customers passing on the app to their friends and family. This single feature allowing them to share via social media, email or call is a great way for your business to be exposed to a wider audience without having to do any additional marketing. Make sure that your customers are happy and offer them incentives, such as freebies and discounts for passing on the app and just see how quickly your customer base explodes.

Content Creation

One of the most challenging aspects of social media is finding quality information to post on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube in order to generate a buzz. So why not hand that responsibility over to your happy customers for a fraction of the price of having to pay a marketing team. Features such as email a photo or fan wall on your app will mean that your customers will send you as much social media food as you can eat. Paste their photos, their videos and their comments on your social media sites for additional content and see an increase in traffic without having to do a thing.

A local business app can also include links to social media sites, the original website as well as to the companies mobile optimized site, but the by far the most economical marketing tool that is included in the mobile app marketing toolbox has to be unlimited push notifications.

Mobile Marketing App Features

Push notifications are twitter like texts sent to all customers who have downloaded the app and who wish to receive promotions, discounts, specials and new product release information on their devices. When a customer downloads your app, they will be asked if they wish to receive push notifications about specials and discounts. If they agree, you have permission based advertising that is completely free of charge, irrelevant of how many texts you decide to send to them. This feature is great to get your customers through your business doors when trade is slow.

This particular app development feature is very effective in that it ensures that all communication is permission based and local. This feature is used to great effect in offering GPS Coupons to customers who visit your store within a certain timeframe to redeem vouchers send through their mobile device. QR coupons can also be used in a similar fashion with the QR codes being created by your hosting company and included in your hosting fee.

No matter what type of local business you wish to promote, having the right mobile marketing App features will ensure that you build brand awareness and increase foot traffic which will lead to long-term relationships and increased sales.