Building and publishing your mobile app

Building your mobile apps

Create Your Own Mobile App

Zigmos App Builder is an innovative cloud based DIY Mobile App creator or App Creation Software (App Maker) that allows users with no programming skills, to create an app for Android & iPhone and publish to Google Play & iTunes.

  • It gives complete control and also
  • It is a beautiful app without any programming

Our content management system which is simple to use allows customization, apps design beautification, and functionality cutting across a wide range of mobile devices without any knowledge of programming needed.

design appYour app can be instantly updated online.

Whenever you like, you can update your apps appearance or content by using our great content management system. You can change everything inside your app without having your app needing a prolong update with Google or Apple. With Zigmos App Maker, there is no need to install or download anything, you can just drag & drop app pages and content to create your own mobile app online.

publish mobile apps

You can select our design temple that is ready-made.

Zigmos App Creator will allow you to choose from a wide variety of design templates. Every pixel in your mobile apps can be customized in minutes by making use of our pre-built design templates or you can create your own app.

promote you app Instantly preview your apps online.

It is a breeze to demo apps with a potential client. As you build them online or from your mobile device, we allow you to preview them. You can preview apps online from your Android, iPad, iPhone or Laptop. You can do so using our low cost app creator.

Zigmos App Creator provides a simple step-by-step process for designing, building and publishing your apps.

Make an Android App

First thing you need to do is to register for free account from Zigmos App Builder. With it, you can create unlimited numbers of mobile apps for a rate that’s very affordable.

In Step 2 you define your mobile app. Select the template you want for your App and customize it with navigation colors, styles, buttons and more. No coding required.

3. Zigmos by default puts some predefined section depending on the app type you selected. But in step 3 configuration, you can manage your new app. Here you can color scheme, change app navigation and more.

4. In step 4 after you complete your app, you want to know how it looks. No problem; Zigmos App Maker comes with an previewer app where you can simulate your app before it is live on the market. Now you know what are you getting.

Our mobile app technology allows you to manage your app immediately. It is easy for you to simply update your mobile website and app 24/7 with your own business panel. No advanced skills needed to have a professional web app and mobile website.