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We live in a world where communication became more and more important in our lives, and the need to stay in touch with others appears in all our current activities. Modern technology is helping us to fulfill this need for contact and mobile devices probably represent the most important factor of modern technology. Intelligent phones (smartphones) that come with a more and more advanced operating system are beginning to create in them a small part that we can call it “our universe”: our phonebook, latest news, updates from friends, business meeting, games, diet, etc.

There are a lot of people who become addicted to these technologies, to communication and to information. Running a small business is challenging, not only when it comes to designing and managing the best product or service, but also when it comes to presenting your creation to the public. When compared to large companies, there’s certainly less help available for critical processes like establishing a mobile online presence. According to research conducted by the Endurance International Group, small businesses in the US are currently vastly underserved in that arena — 71 percent of small businesses queried said they would benefit from having a mobile app, but 78 percent did not have one.

How do you make a mobile app? One option is to hire a developer. Or you can take the DIY route to save time and money. Hiring a mobile app development firm or freelancer to build a fully-functional app from the ground up can get pretty expensive — to the tune of tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. For most small businesses, that’s definitely out of the question. Instead, you can use an app builder to create your app from scratch and reach customers on their mobile devices without breaking the bank.

Have you ever thought to put your business, website, blog or creations in an App? There are a lot of advantages in building a Mobile application. An app will enable you to easily share your content between mobile users while on the move.
Better users experience and engagement and new customers are a few of the benefits of having an app!

If you are an entrepreneur, you manage a website or you own a small-business, you can now enter the mobile app space even if you don’t have a big budget or if you don’t have coding or programming skills. With a small investment you can quickly build your mobile site or mobile application with one of the App Building Platforms available on the web.

You can publish your app in the two main marketplaces: for the Google Play Market with 800,000 Android apps you have to pay a one-time registration fee of $25; for the iTunes App Store with more than 800,000 iOS apps you have to pay a yearly fee of $99.

An app builder offers simple or customizable application templates to build your native iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows phone application. Using the HTML5 technology the app will work across lots of devices. You can add a wide range of content sections to your app: images, text, maps, contact details, and content feeds from your website, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.