App Marketing Checklist

your App create success

The following checklist has been put together to help you make sure  you have covered all the requirements to be successful your app marketing :

1. Icon and Screenshots

– Visuals that show off your App are vital for success

– Design a captivating app icon

– Test app icon for conversion

– Select good first screenshot

– Separate screenshots for different devices

– Use all five screenshot slots

2. Conversion

– You need to be able to convince users to install the app

– Write a good description

– Create an app website

– Give your app a boost with paid ads

– Cross promote with other apps

– Record an app trailer and video

3. Search Visibility

– Apps that show up often in the appstore get many more downloads

– Optimize keywords for Search Visibility

– Have a good app name

– Write a good tagline and heading

– Research competing apps

– Internationalise the app store description

– Make your app free

4. Social Outreach

– Engaging with users and social influencers helps you maintain momentum

– Get friends & family to rate the app five stars

– Create and maintain Facebook, Twitter and Google + pages

– Participate in social media

– Get in touch with social influencers, bloggers & journalists

– Post on forums, mailing lists and go to meet up groups

5. Viral Growth

– If each one of your users brings a friend your App grows virally

– Implement share-friendly SDKs

– Prompt users to share via Facebook, Twitter & email

– Ask engaged and happy users to review

– Determine monetisation strategies

– Frequent app updates

6. App Analytics

– Metrics and insight into how users use your App create success

– Track Downloads

– Control incoming web-links

– Implement in-app analytics

– Crash reporting

– Keep track of search visibility