Deploying Mobile Apps For Success


mobile App Users

By far, the burning question faced by businesses of today is, ‘Do I need a mobile app?’ Mobile app development is so elaborate in itself that a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ right away may be jumping the gun. To begin with, getting the gist of how mobile apps are being deployed is crucial.

Here are some key ways businesses are exploring new horizons on mobile apps development:

  1. Business Instruments: Business apps are the new scanners, calculators, doc readers, data organizers (think Evernote), remote file sharing and aggregation, currency convertors, stock markets, and so on. Whether you deploy a third-party app or go with a more personalized custom mobile app is subject to your business goals and outreach, though a custom app always holds some extra edge.
  1. Social Engagement: Names like Facebook, Linkedln, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc are ruling the entrepreneur’s device. Plus, business-critical social tools like Yammer, Tappestry are helping redefine social engagement from a business standpoint. Businesses are making the most of social engagement by integrating such apps into their core operations thereby tangibly influencing key business aspects.
  1. Shopping: Amazon, eBay, Starbucks Square Wallet amongst others have pushed the limits of shopping online. From price checking to finding best deals and mobile payments, shopping apps can be safely credited with ushering in trends like showrooming.
  1. Travel: The nuances of business travel can be best understood by someone who’s had to make it to business meetings staggered over a single day. Mobile apps have made keeping up with hectic itineraries much less of an ordeal by tracking weather and traffic updates, navigating on maps, and maintaining and following up business schedules.
  1. News and Information: Some businesses, especially those into entertainment, stock markets etc. feed off dynamic information channels. Whether it’s news from the celebrity world, stock market updates, political or sports news—mobile apps are the coolest platforms to have all of that assembled in one place.

These are just few of the ways businesses have paved success using apps. How you maximize the app advantage for your business comes from a number of parameters accounted by business size, goal, and target audience, to begin with.