How getting your IOS apps approved

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A fair number of iOS apps are rejected by the Apple App Store almost every day. Some of the leading causes of rejections include errors and glitches. In a number of instances programmers are careless when it came to entering a version number, explaining what API they used etc. There are numerous development platforms that can help programmers with avoiding these types of minor issues which improves their chances of getting approved. However, as a rule of thumb you should always make sure that your apps are technically sound and tested across a number of screen sizes and iOS versions.

Always provide the required details

Around 15% of all apps submitted are rejected because they do not contain important details about the apps. The most important things you ought to mention include:

Your contact number i.e. cell phone and telephone number, in addition to your email address
You need to list all the APIs that you’ve used along with a short description of them
If you’ve used specific icons and images these need to be mentioned to. Make sure that your program does not use copyrighted images and icons without permission
You should also mention links to external websites along with a short description of each link.

Always keep things simple

Many app development companies and teams simply work too hard to polish their app prior to sending it over for approval. However, the fact is that many times a well polished and feature rich app may not be accepted into the app store. If this is your first app you need to make sure that it is well designed and does what is intended of it, apart from that everything else should be straight forward. The initial approval for new developers takes a very long time but once your app is in the store you can later update it with improved graphics and updates. You should avoid presenting a beta or an alpha version of your app.

Follow the rules

Apple has laid out a few ground rules which may come across as being pretty stringent. Despite the fact that you may think that some of these rules are downright ridiculous they are there mainly to help the teams at Apple choose an app that adds value to a person’s experience. That said things like badly spelt tech jargon, using unpublished APIs, and designing your app for violence are strictly forbidden. Your app should always be intended for good and be named appropriately.

Creativity pays of big time

The Apple App Store is home to well over 300,000 apps. All of these apps make it very difficult for a budding developer to come up with something that outshines established apps. However, the key if you want to make tons of money or simply find a way to promote your service via an app is to think creatively. You should also choose a niche which is not overly saturated. If you have an idea first search the App Store for a similar app if you can’t find one then only should you work on this idea.