How to develop an app? Technology has really influenced the way we live and perform our day to day chores. The majority of people already own handheld devices such as phones and tablets that they use for personal purposes and also for business. Therefore, if you are a developer, the most profitable niche you can venture into is create an app. Since there are numerous users, you can create apps from great ideas and make a fortune.

Before you start creating an application, it is important that you have great ideas. These do not come automatically to everyone. There are some people who are very good in identifying viable and marketable ideas that can be used to create very good applications. If you are one of them, then you are good to go. Think of a great concept.

If not, you can start thinking of the things that you do every day without using your phone. Though they might not seem practical, it is possible that some aspect of the tools you use to perform the tasks can be integrated into a phone. So, think of as many ideas as you can.

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Once you have an idea, safeguard it. There are many people out there who would not think twice before stealing your idea. The best way to do that is by informing the Android team about the application you are about to develop. Give some few details about its functionality. However, do not go too far with that. Just give them a little information that does not give them the whole picture, but is just enough to safeguard your idea.

If you are working with other developers, then the risk is even greater. Any of them might steal the idea and go solo, or sell it to other people. Therefore, it is also advisable to take measures to prevent that. Before you start creating the app, have the developers sign documents that bind them from discussing the job with outside parties or stealing the ideas. This will help you in court cases in case they do so.

You can then proceed developing the application. In most cases there are several software packages you need to acquire. So, purchase them.  These tools, programs and guides are very important. This is because they enable you to create Android apps, test and debug them easily. You are able to verify that the application works just fine before dispatching it into the market.