How to develop a successful retail mobile application?

Last year users of smarthphones spent 500% more of their time using retail mobile applications in comparison with the previous year. So that’s how the mobile shopping boom began. There is a time to prepare our businesses for it. This article will cover the ways of developing a successful application in the sphere of online shopping and retail.

Adobe company forecasts a stable interest growth in shopping via mobile applications. As it  seen from infographic the way how users of tablets and smartphones behave is different. However both tablet and smartphones users prefer to use mobile applications.

It means that there is a time you started your own campaign planning…

What are the functions users appreciate?

In order to develop a mobile application that will be popular you should know what users expect from applications in the retail sphere. It turned out that there are several features appreciated most:

– Ability of having a discount using an application

– Ability of finding the nearest shop using an application

– Interactive images and slide shows

– Ability of placing an order via application

With the help of mobile application user can find out information of current offers and discounts, make a purchase online or define the best time for shopping.

How to fulfill the needs of users?

Many people think that a mobile application should be a creative and a unique one. It is true that unicity is important but usability is much more important. There are some traditional functions which are used for developing an application in the retail sphere:

  • Product and price catalogues

To have an opportunity to look through the products that are in stock is very convenient (for example, colour, size, collection). In short, you can use all the shopping advantages on your smarthphone or tablet screen.

  • Coupons or discounts

All the users find it convenient to use mobile applications. They help users to know about a hot deal and to get the best one at the lowest price. The competitors in such market are not only sellers, but also buyers.

  • Clients’ support

There are a lot of possibilities for customer, for example save the favourite product for later, use live chat, leave feedback. By the way, a lot of customers prefer communication with online consultants to communication with the real ones.

  • Bar-codes scanning

It is very convenient to know a price and information about products. There is no need to waste your time on talking to shop assistants or searching for information. Moreover, a mobile application has an option of product comparison.

  • Searching for the nearest shop

For retail industry it is important to show that its shop is situated nearby. If you help to find the roadway to your shop then you can be sure that your customers will appreciate it.

  • Instructions and useful materials

Having them is especially important if you are selling sophisticated or specific products. Moreover, your offline catalogue can be very useful for your company’s partners.

  • Interactive elements

You can complete your application with an interactive, despite the fact that the main purpose of an application is supply stimulation and the building of a sales channel. What can it be? For example, an opportunity to estimate a combination of different outfits, to make up a pizza filling or to play with other users. There is a place to show your creativeness.

The functions of an application can be aggregated like a house by a single brick. If you manage to find the perfect combination you can be sure that your clients will appreciate it.

Why should you develop a mobile application?

There are four main reasons which can assure the retailers to gain their precious places in AppStore and GooglePlay:

Your clients like mobile applications. This is useful and popular. Mobile applications make your shopping experience more interesting and interactive. Add a bit fun and your customer will get a pleasure of his shopping experience.

This is not as difficult as it seems. Many people think that the development of a mobile application is something very difficult and only the richest companies can afford it. But it’s not true. Despite the fact that the development of an application requires a contractor’s professionalism it is not so expensive and time-consuming.  It can be compared with a price of website development.

You can develop a unique and useful application in any sphere. It doesn’t matter what company deals with, is it a supermarket or restaurant chain or a café a mobile application can increase your customer flow and income.

Your competitors are in the game. You are not the only person who knows about the mobile application boom.