How to increase customers’ loyalty with apps

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All companies have two types of clients, the new clients and the ones that are coming back on a regular basis. Usually, it is more cost efficient to keep your actual clients than to attract new ones. You know the needs of the actual clients, needs that the business have been satisfied in the past by the products or services that were sold.

Through concentrating the marketing strategy over the profitable segments referring to clients, usually, you will produce the biggest amount from your businesses income, without investing in finding new clients. Obtaining new clients is more expensive because it takes places in an unidentified place, where a lot of campaigns fail.

But, once you had success in obtaining clients, maintaining their loyalty has even more benefits. Loyal clients not only that they will buy your products or use your service again, but they will promote your products to their friends and they will give less importance to the competition.

There are 3 effective ways to keep existing customers and increase their loyalty; those 3 were proved to increase businesses’ revenue while others were struggling to survive.

– The first one is creating a members club and bringing customers to sign up by offering them discounts and unique deals.

– The second one is creating professional social media pages and investing in maintenance to help increasing the number of members and promoting the business.

– The third one is the Apps – when you get your customers to download your App, the chance they will consider you for their next project will grow by over 80%, and since today it is fairly inexpensive to create an App for almost any type of business, it seems to be one step that businesses must take.

The number of Apps has grown from less than 100,000 in 2010 to more than 1.5 million by the end of 2014. This increase is a direct effect by the mobile devices usage and the understanding of customer’s loyalty importance.

There are so many unique, on-brand ways app marketers can increase customer loyalty, but my favorite is through rewards. Rewarding users is an easy way to say “thank you” for their time and money spent engaging with your app. You can reward users in endless ways, including digital goods (like earning coins, points, etc.), unlockable achievements (like new levels within games, badges, etc.), and many more.

These rewards can be given to users who complete the loyal actions that matter most to your brand, so depending on your brand’s goals, the sky’s the limit! But before you dive into offering in-app rewards to your customers, remember that loyalty campaigns and programs are complex systems.

App marketers can increase their loyal following through smarter email strategy and push messaging. It’s imperative for app marketers to spend time mapping out their app’s user-flow before dropping any messaging into the mix. When you message users at the wrong time, you’re likely detracting from any sort of loyalty or happiness they feel in interacting with your brand. Ask for feedback at the right time (like when they complete a positive action within your app), and make sure your emails feel human and personalized just for them.