Innovative ways to improve health with mobile devices

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Shaping Up and Tracking one’s Health

Finding Support through Digital Technology

Undoubtedly, mobile devices have expanded the scope of possibility for many with far-reaching impacts that have comprehensively expedited every aspect of human endeavor with increasing productivity and profitability. Mobile device has simplified daily living while promoting the attainment of individualistic and collective goals.

More than ever before, there is an increasing consciousness on the need for personal health and general well-being and this is aptly epitomized by having a slim, fit and healthy physical appearance. Getting rid of excess weight is pivotal, but involves a lot of hard work, dedication, and consistency. While this may be a daunting task for many, mobile devices can radically expedite weight reduction process that translates into a fitter physic.

Mobile device provides unequivocal support to individuals looking to gain a healthier appearance in a number of ways. Firstly, you can use mobile devices to get invaluable information on work-out routines, eating patterns, and lifestyle choices that can improve your overall health while fast-tracking weight loss.  For people who have hard time keeping up with allotted routines and recommended eating diets, joining health and fitness groups on  social platforms can provide tremendous support and motivation that would propel the realization of a healthier physic.

Health and fitness tracking application and software is the newest innovation in mobile aided fitness with incredible features that offer an interestingly detailed approach to monitoring health progression with the most perceptive attention to detail. The tracking app and software monitors impalpable bodily changes such as Pulse rate, blood glucose levels and much more with commendable accuracy. Through social networking, the app provides an impeccable support system by linking users with fitness people with same goal.

The efficacy of the mobile monitoring app has been confirmed by a recent study conducted by the Archives of Internal Medicine”. The report of the study indicates that users of mobile tracking app to monitor eating patterns and calorie count are more likely to lose weight than those who don’t.

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 Achieving fitness with mobile health tracking

The relevance and applicability of the health tracking app is beginning to catch the eye of giant smartphone companies like Samsung and Apple.

Currently, these companies equip their products with some of the most improved advancement of health and fitness tracking applications and software that are integrated with innovative mobile devices that track food options, exercise durations and intensity, calories, blood pressure and so on.

Mobile devices are now assuming the roles of personal workout instructor, health examiner, and dietician.

Samsung blazes the trail in mobile health and fitness tracking. The Galaxy S5 its inbuilt S Health app is a confirmation of the ingenious incorporation of mobile health and fitness tracking.

The S health app is quite comprehensive with tracking of blood sugar levels, blood pressure, weight loss, weight gain, exercise routine, heart rate, and environmental conditions. The Samsung S Health app was first introduced in the S4 models, but has been improved.

 Apple closely follows Samsung in the health and fitness tracking trend with its newly introduced “Healthbook”. The Healthbook app is quite thorough with highly functional analysis of blood oxygen levels, food consumption, sleep habits, activity and heart rate.

Users can also track their blood sugar, hydration levels, blood work and a lot more.

While Samsung’s S Health app and Apples Healthbook app are very comprehensive, there is a multiplicity of independent apps that assist users to monitor their health with appreciable efficacy. Diet Assistant, Weight Loss, MyFitnessPal, Weight Watchers Mobile and Fitness Buddy are some amongst many others.

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Attaining desired health goals with Technology aided support

Getting support could be decisive when trying to lose weight and achieve a fit physic. Unarguable, support using digital technology such as social networks, forums, blogs and much more, would stimulate a feeling of belonging which would inspire and propel one to actualize set goal.

These technological support provides an channel to communicate disappointments, doubts, fears, achievements while connecting fitness people with the unified goal of helping one another reach set targets.

Social media helps you communicate your health and fitness aim and could be an effective health supervisor in weight loss routines, inspiring you while propelling you to purse set goal vigorously.

Mobile devices are portable, readily available and easily accessible. What’s more, they are equipped with innovative apps and software that helps you maintain and improve your health continually.

A mobile device also provides unrestrained access to online support groups for consummate support that promotes your health and puts you ahead in the fitness world.