Mobile app Changing the Face of Businesses

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The earliest method of exchanging goods was by the barter system. Later, people started exchanging metallic coins and then came the currency notes as a standard trading system. We now live in a world where many transactions happen with virtual money. Today’s technology allows customers to browse things at the comfort of their home and pay for it in a few clicks. While this method is accompanied by certain risks, it is considered by far and large as very convenient for a business.

There is another dimension to the world of online business; it is a whole new world with simplicity and mobility as its pillars; it’s a whole new world that lets traders to take their business straight to their consumers’ hands. It is the next-big-thing today and will be the way-of-life of the next decade. Yes, we are talking about business via mobile phones.

Why go mobile?

W.H.Davies, in his poem Leisure, describes how the hectic pace of the modern life has made no time for people to stand and stare, to just stay still at a place and observe things around. Ironically, with the development of modern technologies that are built to optimize time, people feel that they don’t have enough time in a day. Evolution demands people to be always on the run, to seek new solutions, to move to the next level and keep pushing oneself. The mobile model of a business is one such evolution in the commercial world.

A popular research shows that there will be approximately 2.16 billion smart phone users all over the world in 2016. The trending technologies of today aim at minimizing space and relieving devices from the clutches of wires. So, it is quite easy to guess that every business needs to take a mobile avatar sooner or later in order to sustain.

How does it work?

In this era of Information, things can change upside-down in a year. What is considered as latest today could become outdated in just a few months. So, the development of mobile business models has undergone drastic changes in a short time. Nowadays, responsive website design has become the default model of a website’s design so as to fit in all devices (i.e mobiles, PCs, tablets and phablets). But that is not enough. If you are so serious about taking your business to a customer, then building of a mobile app is mandatory.

Advantages of a mobile app

• From a customer’s point of view, a mobile app is a more personal way to shop for them. Even though a billion customers have logged in to your website at once, an app in a customer’s mobile gives them the experience of a one-to-one interaction with you.

• There is no better way to establish your brand than a app, because it will be there right in the customers’ mobile phone (Well, until they decide to uninstall it). The chances of browsing through your website are maximized; from opening it for a necessity to swiping through when they feel bored on the go. It is like placing a permanent billboard of your brand right in front of their eyes.

• Creating a mobile app is also a way of letting your customers know that you will always be available for them as you are just a click away. This increases the relationship between you and the customer.

So, irrespective of what stage your business and your popularity among the masses is, it is has become the need of the hour to create a mobile app. If you already have one, keep refining it to stay ahead of the curve; if you don’t have one, what are you still waiting for?