Mobile application marketing: between logic and technology



The basic principles of mobile application marketing

Usually in theory the way of promotion differs from one we have on practice; the conditions are different whether these are product or services. When working with intellectual product there appears a situation when neither one nor another model is appropriate so the application requires special approach. The creators of such concepts frequently deny such basic organizational documents as marketing plan and marketing mix. There also are nonclassic technologies which draw a lot of ideas from neuromarketing and methods working with cases in the sense of situational paradigm. The development of the mobile application for iPhone can cost half a million dollars and the same sum of money can be spent on its promotion.

The unicity of the offer

The unique idea is very important for a mobile application. This is the reason why it differs from the traditional way of goods and service promotion where the commercial offer plays the most important role. User’s work with a program for a mobile phone doesn’t contain only irrational actions but also reflection when the logic and reaction motivation of the market acts in a special way.

Everybody knows that the offer can hardly be unique in the context of high competition and the changing logic of market agents’ cooperation. For example, creation of a mobile application for android which will change the big picture on the market is very hard. That’s why it is important not to do it special but develop it to maximize the level of use convenience when contacting with electronic environment. If we consider the whole situation in the sense of technology the whole process of promotion will be directed not to the product but to its image. This kind of marketing can be called as marketing of impressions or even interface marketing.