realization of a mobile application?

Mobile marketing is not something fashionable that is used only in the USA or Europe. Today, there are two aspects of mobile project realization: mobile application and mobile website. That’s why for businesses a question about what to develop arises. So, let’s play around with it.

Mobile site is a special version of a site which is developed for a mobile device. Mobile application is developed for a certain platform (iOs, Android, Windows Phone). There exists another variant – mobile application with a browser component, which is called hybrid mobile application.

Comparative analysis of mobile site and a mobile application

 Mobile siteMobile application
CompatibilityDisplayed in the same way in smartphone’s browser on every platform regardless of the mobile phone modelThere is a need to develop several applications for different platforms
Audience coverageAny mobile device with internet accessOnly smartphones and tablets
Launching expensesExpenses for the site hosting deploymentDevelopers should pay for AppStore and Android Market licenses
OpennessAvailable for all usersAvailable after the installation
Easy to useNo further actionsDownloading and installation required
Functional availabilityLimitedAlmost complete
Use without internet accessibilityNot all devicesAll devices
SupportEasy to change and improveUpdating required
Graphic art supportThere are difficulties with images of a big sizeAvailable
Interaction with usersMiddle leverHigh level
UsabilityMiddle leverHigh level
PersonalizationAimed more at a server than at a userApplication is rather aimed at a user than at a mobile site

Nevertheless, not every business needs a development of an application or a mobile site. This will be profitable only if your target audience uses mobile applications a lot. It’s worth noting that today more than 25% of consumers visit websites using their mobile devices. According to the prognoses the percentage of such users will increase.

Who is your target audience?

Taking into account the increase of traffic that we have today it becomes necessary for a business to have a mobile site. It is an effective tool for gaining popularity in a mobile sphere but take into account the specialty of your business and your target audience.

The development of mobile application is appropriate for:

– sharing a content (if your business is connected with information sharing, then mobile application will provide you new and useful way of its consuming)

– web service ( Internet banking, internet service. If you are an owner of a large internet service or a bank then a mobile application will be useful)

– product advantages ( if you create unique mobile application so it will be a good reason for the mass media to cover it)

– new sales channel ( if your business is connected with a supply of real and virtual products , a mobile application will help you to attract new clients)

– personal usage ( mobile applications can be useful for you and your employees)

Of course there is no exact decision on what business needs: mobile site or mobile application, because as you can see everything depends on your business. The most important thing is to think about your audience and make something that they will appreciate.