Realtor apps


The real estate market is tough now. People are generally scared to buy a house, for one, because the economy has been weak, along with the job market. There are tons of foreclosures which has flooded the housing market with cheap homes for sale. People trying to sell their house are having a tough time.

Real estate agents are finding plenty of people that want to sell their houses, but not nearly the same amount of people wanting to buy. So, what ends up happening is houses stay on the market for a long time. It is important for agents to market their listing properties in any way that they can.

It has been estimated that around 90% of people looking for houses will use the internet. Also, 20% of the people looking for houses will use their smart phone to look for a house. Given those kind of large numbers, it is crucial to build a strong online presence for businesses. Smart phones are predicted to only grow in popularity, so these numbers will clearly increase as time passes.

Mobile applications or “apps” are becoming increasing popular and are important for any successful business. These native applications have the advantage of harnessing powerful smart phone features available today, like GPS technology and internet capabilities. Many of these mobile apps utilize cloud or internet services built right into the application. Typically, they will “call home” and synchronize data from a website into the mobile app for easy viewing and reporting. These types of software as a service mobile applications are very important for anybody needing an application with dynamic data.

Maps and directions are an important part of a Realtor’s needs in a smart phone application. Mobile apps can have Google Maps integrated into the application so any address, like the individual listings for a Realtor, can be plotted onto the map, and directions to that address can be easily completed.

Realtors must also have a way for people to search for properties right from within their smart phone application. Marketing your brand is important, but giving people the crucial MLS search feature is a must. Realtors looking to have their own smart phone applications should consider having an application built to help promote their business, and help promote their listings. These realtor apps are typically simple in nature, but can really offer a big advantage to people in the market for real estate.