Create a Free App and Start Earning Money

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Let’s face it. Android users are a cheap bunch. They don’t like to pay for their software. Putting AdMob on a free app pans out for some appmakers, but it’s not likely to replace a salary unless your app gets millions of downloads.

Most of us, most of the time, make apps that appeal to a specific niche. We make our apps useful and desirable, but there is an incredible amount of competition in the Android Market Google Play, so we’re lucky to get several hundred downloads a day.

It’s not all bad news, though. The idea here is that apps are engagement. If you have some kind of online property (a website) or some kind of know-how, you can engage people by creating an app. Once you’ve engaged them, it’s time to think about turning that engagement into cash. Here are some suggestions on just how to do that:

1. Most apps target a specific niche. Figure out what your niche is willing to pay money for and create partnerships with those businesses. For example, if your niche targets mothers, partner with a site that sells diapers at a discount. If your niche is retirees, you can try selling them condos in Florida. It’s not an easy sell, but the commission should be high!

2. Use an app as a new avenue for discovery for a website. If a website you have is making money, then use an app to drive traffic to that website. Just the act of putting it into the Google Play arena will give you the site more hits.

3. Funnel them into a paid app. Give them a free app that’s good, but missing some essential features. Some customers will be willing to pay well to have their app really do what they need.

I guess what I’m trying to say here is that you shouldn’t let the slow earnings get you down. Keep building apps, and keep working different strategies. With a good app, there is potential for good earnings!