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Create a Secure Mobile Application

The mobile app as emerged as one of the most innovative and most useful software tools. However, the rising deployment of mobile application at the workplace and in personal lives has led to the discovery of several flaws in the functioning of this piece of technology. The foremost issue affecting the sales and popularity of mobile apps is security. Applications are considered successful in today’s competitive mobile market only if they are popular among target users; the audience prefers using the app if it provides a safe user experience. Establishing the security of a mobile application should thus be the primary concern of an app developer. Here we discuss few steps to ensure the security of a mobile app:

  1. Early Integration of the Security Processes – The flaws in app security are usually seen when there is no seamless integration of the security process during the early stages of mobile application development. The developer’s time, resources, and effort are saved if security measures are incorporated during the initial stages of development.

  1. Analyzing Various Data – Data related to app development should not only be gathered but also analyzed well. This includes getting a clear concept of the documentation and several other stages of app development and understanding the working of the OS platforms on which the app is projected to run. Studying these factors will give the developer an idea of the restraints and complications concerning security and compliance of an application. Other data to be analyzed are the privacy policies of the client’s organization where the app will be deployed, the regulatory requirements, and the confidentiality policies.

  1. Be Careful while Designing the App – The actual designing stage of the mobile app is when most security issues rise. As soon as the design is being implemented, the risk factors must be listed, so that they are identifiable at the time of running the application and a proper course of action may be followed to avoid them. It is recommended to appoint a security expert in the IT team of all enterprises so that they can perform a security design review of the mobile apps before deployment.

  1. Make the Source Code Secure – Using automated tools is recommended to fish out the security issues in an app source code. This includes tracking of bugs and other vulnerabilities and fixing them immediately to avoid security breaches. The only problem here is that these readymade tools are often incapable of detecting complex security issues.

  1. Test all Apps for Security Issues – Testing of a mobile application does not involve merely judging its functionality, it is also the phase where the security problems are identified. For this, a neat documentation of all processes has to be completed and security test cases have to be built. Professional teams of security reviewers must be handed over the test cases so that they may be able to systematically analyze a mobile application, identify the security threats in it, and get rid of the threat successfully.